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Satyr: Is a quality blend, it can tap in to Woodland Deities. Connect with Animals, Sensual dance and music. Associated with the God Bacchus.
High John The Conqueror : Most popular of all oils, Aids wearer in all endeavours and promotes mental abilities.
Healing Powers : A potent addition to any Healing Magic & helping in Healing Magic to mend Body, Mind and Spirit.
Banishing: To keep something or someone away when words are not enough.
Fast Money: Pure Anointing oil blended recipe to get money fast.
Severn African Powers: Help your Prayers reach The Severn African Powers to invoke 
The Sacred Orisha in to your Rituals & Spells of Protection & Money Drawing.
Van Van : For Anointing, Uncrossing & Love.
Witches Sight: Used in Spells of Revenge & Discord.
Love Attraction: Used to Attract Love in your Life.
Used to Anoint Magical Tools, Candles, Talismans, Bags & Jewellery.
Can be worn on body and used in bath
it is always advisable to do a skin test first to make sure of no allergies.
comes in a 2 dram bottle with screw lid


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