Seal of the Seven Archangels Sigil pendant


7 Archangels Sigil is a protection amulet. The Archangels are Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Samuel / Chamuel, Joliel / Jophiel and Zadkiel.

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Michael for protection from evil.

Rafael to heal.

Gabriel to give us the words to say.

Samuel / Chamuel to give us strength and courage.

Joliel / Jophiel to give us inspirations and intellectual thoughts

Uriel to lend us magic.

Zadkiel is the Archangel of freedom benevolence and mercy.

This Sigil necklace has a 61 cm chain with clasp fixing so comfortable to wear. 

Highly durable and easy to mantain

Amulet measures 3 cm x 3 cm

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