Sandalwood Chips


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Sandalwood Chips are burnt to cleanse negativity, healing. purification & love.

They have a high spiritual vibration if burnt with frankinsence.

To clear negativity scatter area you wish to clear.

Burn to bring Love in your life.

Used in spells, charm bags sachets.






Herbs Terms and Conditions

  • All our herbs we sell at Age of Witchcraft are for spell craft work only. They are not to be taken internally.
  • It is always best to with all herbs to keep out of reach from children and pets to be on the safe side.
  • Pregnant women will also need to be careful about using some herbs as they can be dangerous and cause side effects.
  • By law, we are not allowed to give advice on the medicinal use of herbs as we are not qualified to do so.
  • We can not and will not accept responsibility for any misuse of the herbs we sell.




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